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Financial Advisor in Kansas City Kris Koenig

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6201 College Blvd, Suite #150
Overland Park, KS 66211

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Kris Koenig

Wealth Advisor

Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle without looking at the picture on the box? Of course, it’s nearly impossible. You need that picture to know the final result you are working toward. That’s why the first step in Kris Koenig’s proprietary “ID Planning Process™” is to learn about you. As you describe and envision your personal life objectives and desired financial future, a clear picture begins to form.

Only by understanding this picture and your life aspirations can Kris and the team at Prime Capital Investment Advisors put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together to help bring your vision to reality. “I named my process the ‘ID Planning Process™’ because every single plan we put together is completely unique, like a fingerprint. We take a tailored investment approach that is dynamic and adapts as your life unfolds,” he says.

Kris holds a Series 66 securities registration, and he is life insurance licensed. He also has a real estate license, with specialized knowledge about commercial real estate.

Kris became a wealth advisor to help people make informed decisions about their financial choices. “Financial success is a choice. It doesn’t happen by chance,” he says. “I like helping people make informed choices.”

Kris enjoys the process of learning and teaching as a wealth advisor. “I love explaining the tax advantages of Roth versus traditional IRA accounts, about what might be required to live 30 years in retirement and not run out of money, and about investing and growing wealth as well as protecting it.

Kris works with a select group of successful professionals and business owners who aspire for a “work-optional” lifestyle. He understands the needs of business owners because for many years he was an entrepreneur himself. He opened a successful chain of clothing stores in the Kansas City area. “Like many entrepreneurs, I’m not a 9-to-5 kind of guy,” he says. “I found I needed freedom and flexibility.” Kris helps business owners with their individual financial plans as well as setting up qualified retirement plans at their companies.

In his free time, Kris enjoys volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City, playing golf, working out and scuba diving. He taught himself to play drums. But it’s international travel that excites him the most. “I love a good adventure and will leave immediately,” he says. He’s been to many countries—ask to see his photography book of Paris scenes—as well as tropical beaches which offer snorkeling and scuba diving in turquoise blue waters. He attributes his love of the tropics to his mother, who first took him on vacation as a child to the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands, where he wants to retire someday.